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Ice Pass Case

A perfect complement piece to your Rink Tote!

• Fits perfectly inside the front pocket
• Outside pocket for easy access to the most used item at the rink - your ice pass/card
• Coin compartment in the middle separating the internal space into two areas for easy organization of bills and cards
• Key chain that can be hooked onto the handle base of the Rink Tote (and you'll never misplace it!)
• Comes in two classic flavors, Polka Dots and Multicolored Houndstooth, with multiple color options that are matched up with old school zinc zippers that require some taming and patience (read: go slow/gentle/steady/all-of-the-above until all the raw/rough edges are gone) - a life lesson in itself!

* Material: Coated Canvas for Polka Dots, Polyester for Houndstooth
** Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.25 x 0.5 in.