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About Us

Kiss & Cry Angels is all about the combination of practicality and style for figure skaters.

We are a husband-and-wife team, whose daughter is a young aspiring skater (surprise!) herself. Shortly after she became pretty serious about the sport, she soon started asking for a bag that can hold a water bottle, her music CD and a tissue box altogether to get on the ice with, just like some of those little older girls were doing. She did have a point. Add those blade guards to the mix, it was obvious that they indeed were a bit of a load for a little girl, and she actually did fumble and leave something behind all the time... and often looked frustrated.

As we started looking for the solution, we noticed those other girls were using small plastic make-up boxes, lunch boxes or even small paper bags to tackle the task. However, unfortunately, not only is our little girl picky on styles and colors, but also she didn't want any zippers or even a simple flap or lid on the bag as she wanted an easy access to those items. And long story short, we just couldn't find anything that meets her demanding needs...

So, believing that there must be many other parents feeling the same way, we started talking about making something that fits the bill on both ends, practicality and style. And this is exactly how our signature Rink Tote was born.

We are committed to delivering high quality products at affordable prices. Equally, we are also keen on promoting "make it your own" aspect of it. Add your own touches to let your personality shine through, loud and clear!!

Happy Skating!!